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Your garage door spring is the backbone of your door. If the spring breaks, your door is just a block in the way to get your car out. Don’t trap your car and get to use your garage door smoothly with Garage Door Installation Houston, TX. We will provide you with spring repair, replacement, and installation.

Torsion & Extension Spring Repair

Garage door spring is located on top of your garage door, and it is responsible for lifting the door up and putting it down. There are two types of garage door springs. The first type is the torsion spring, which is the common type. Usually, people go for it because it is strong and lift remarkably heavyweights, and its endurance can last for a long time.

Secondly, we have the extension spring type. This type is for people who don’t have very heavy doors and are light users. It’s popular for smooth operation and giving your garage door more balance. Garage Door Installation, Houston, TX, will provide you with efficient spring repair, replacement, and installation for both types.


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Can I Fix The Spring Myself?

The role of the garage door spring is vital. Without it, your garage door won’t move an inch. Actually, if your garage door spring breaks, your door could be a threat and fall at any second. That’s why you need to call a professional once you see that your spring is broken. It is better not to try and fix it yourself, as it could lead to regrettable consequences.

You’ll be dealing with both electricity and metal. Don’t put yourself in danger, especially if you lack the necessary experience. Rather you should call Garage Door Installation Houston, TX for professional and guaranteed garage door spring repair and replacement. We will provide you with reliable torsion and extension spring repair.

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If your garage door opens and then immediately closes and you hear loud and annoying noises while operating and you notice that your spring has rusted out, you need a professional spring repair and replacement. The best company in Houston, Texas, is Garage Door Installation Houston, TX, and we will tell you why. We offer 24 hr emergency service for any garage door problem.

Also, we offer affordable and cheap prices for our services in addition to the exclusive offers and discounts. Not to mention, the experienced and licensed technicians. You can trust a company that has experience for more than +10 years in the business, and we are still here to give more.